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Dinny Nolan's birth date has been suggested to be 1922 or even earlier. He claims he survived the Coniston massacre of 1928. Dinny spent many years working as a stockman across the Territory before arriving in Papunya in the mid 70's. Since Dinny is a cousin to Clifford Possum, Billy Stockman and Kaapa, his transition to the Papunya painting group was smooth. In 1977 he traveled to exhibitions of his work in galleries in Melbourne, Victoria. Dinny has also traveled extensively throughout the USA. He has attended various American indigenous conferences and exhibitions as a guest of the American native tribes people.


Dinny's collections can be found at the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of WA, Victorian Museum and the Victorian Arts Centre.


"Mugungi and Bush Plum"

106cm x 80cm

Acrylic on Linen

Brief story of painting on back plus

"Papunya Community Council Inc. Arts and Craft Centre" stamped on back.


Gloria Petyarra was born around 1945 in her country of Atnangkere. Gloria continually experiments with line & colour and she says she prefers the medium of acrylic on canvas. Some of her work now has no dots at all, instead great bands of color whose effects have shown comparison to British artist Bridget Riley.

In 1990 she traveled to London and India as a representative of the Utopia Women in the "Utopia - A Picture Story" exhibition. (Tandanya, Adelaide, The Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin Ireland and the Meat Market Gallery in Melbourne)

In 1991 Gloria had her first solo exhibition at the Utopia Art in Sydney. Since then she has exhibited at the National Gallery in Canberra, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Jinta Desert Art in Sydney and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. She also has work in major collections like The National Gallery of Australia, the Robert Holmes a' Court Collection and the Museum of Victoria.



"My Home"

125cm x 151cm

Signed by artist and dated June 1996


Lindsay Bird Mpetyane is an important Aboriginal leader in Utopia (300km north east of Alice Springs) He has painted since the late eighties and is one of the more significant Aboriginal artists collected internationally.

From 1989 works by Lindsay have been included in various exhibitions in Sydney; The Museum and Art Gallery of of the Northern Territory in Darwin; The Art Gallery of Western Australia; National Gallery of Australia; Brussels, Belgium; Dreaming Exhibition, Florence, Italy and The Netherlands.



"Corroboree Dreaming"

79cm x 88cm

Signed by artist.

Brief description of painting

written on back.



Amy Gunawarri








"Barramundi Spirit"

110cm x 187cm



Don Jungerai



"Mulyippi Dreaming"

81cm x 128cm

Brief story of painting on back plus

"Papunya Community Council Inc. Arts and Craft Centre" stamped on back.


Eddie Blitner



"Brolga Spirit"

130cm x 178cm


Jeannie Pitgaria



123cm x 179cm

Signed by artist.

Lilly Lion Kngwarreye



116cm x 182cm

With Photo dated June1996

Signed by artist.

Tanya Price Nangala



124cm x 153cm

With Photo. Includes a brief description

Signed by artist.

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